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1. london madame tussaud. Madame tussaud is a very popular place,It's like a museum, with dolls made of wax with all celebrities.

2. England, europa, great britian.

3. By a plane, but you can also do a cartrip to london.

4. It`s very cold in vinter, and not so hot in the autumn also. Very much rain, so the weather is sometimes good and sometimes very bad.

5. They are eating very much sandwish, bread with sallads and so on. Like subway food you can buy fast.

Bread, meat, hambugers, sallad and so on.

6. English most.

7. Clothes, money and so on…

8. They are nice, they are very tall and bige. Big entries.

9. Madam tussaud,  london eye, big ben, tour brigde, london duungoen, piccadilly circus, buckingham palace, trafalgar square, downing street.

10. Its good to go to london in the winter because it`s cheaper and in the summer it is more expensive. Its more fun to go in the town, beacuase you can see all things.

If you gonna work it`s good to rest but if you wanna see london you have to at adventure.

Fakta om london.

London is the capital in Great Britian.

In london you are going with buss, trains, trams and taxi very much.

If you go to london you can go and look for very much resorts like madam tussaud, london eye, tour brigde, big ben.

Big ben is a very big tour, a clock that you can go and watch on. Many people go and look for that.